Troubleshooting your Gas Furnace

It’s refreshing to know that you do-it-yourself type like to save some money by doing some of the repairs around the home. And why not; many household repairs are not that complicated and can easily be done with a decent level of mechanical aptitude. Replacing the inner workings of your toilet tank is no problem for you and that defective light switch took you only a few minutes to change out. But be forewarned that your furnace is something that is not easily repaired by someone that is not a trained HVAC technician. With that being said, here are some things you can do that will help you troubleshooting gas furnace problems in your home.Gas Furnace Here are a few troubleshooting gas furnace jobs, recommended by, that you most … read full article

Air Quality and Money-Saving Heating Tips

Heating Tips:

– One easy heating tip shared by folks at is to bring in the heat on sunny days and take full advantage of the sun. Adjust your blinds so that they tilt towards the ceiling and are open. However, at sundown, make sure you close the blinds.

– Set the ceiling fan on low in reverse position. Whenever radiant heat gets into your house from the windows that are aimed up, the fan can help with circulating warm air all across the room.

– Lots of energy can be wasted by fireplaces, since warm air is pulled out of your house via the chimney. Be sure to close the damper whenever you aren’t using the fireplace. If you install glass doors that can also help with keeping … read full article